This site's goal is to help you find the software you need as quickly as possible.

Data Sources

Lucid index sources it's data from curated lists of software compiled by volunteers. The specific lists used are:

Without their hard work, it would have been much more difficult to build this site.

How the data is kept fresh

The data from the lists is automatically retrieved every day and any updates to the data are saved into lucid index. If an app has a Githup repo, the automated scripts then use the Github API to download relevant data about each app. Next it uses cURL to fetch favicons and cover images for each app if they are specified in the app's landing page meta tags. Lastly, it uses headless chrome to create screenshots of each landing page / demo page

How it's built

The application is built using PHP, which many consider old school, but is extremely effective, easy to update, and perfect for the tasks required to build and maintain this site. No frameworks are used as they weren't necessary for this application